Friends of Kwah Dao


Kwah Dao is happy to announce that the Youth Center is going better than ever. Over the last year attendance has increased, kids that used to come a long time ago have now returned to be regular students, and we have also had some new kids join us. That means that we’ve ended up with more than 60(!!) regular attendees, which is awesome! The continued development and success of this program, and the evident positive impact that it has on the children makes our drive to continue this project, and making it better for the kids in any way possible, stronger. So we have started looking for new ways of raising funds and support to sustain and improve our Youth Center, one of which is “Friends of Kwah Dao”.

Friends of Kwah Dao

Everyone is welcome to participate in this project. We would like to develop a network of people who commit to raising a certain amount for the Youth Center within a year, to secure an annual income to keep the program running. Being a friend of Kwah Dao is different than donating monthly because it’s fundraising based. We understand that many people who would like to support us have limited funds themselves, and this is the perfect opportunity to help. The idea is to raise money by hosting fundraising events of any kind, in a way that works for you, and at the same time also spread awareness of our cause on an international level.

We are so grateful for everyone who takes this opportunity to support our cause in a new way.  To become a member, or a “Friend of Kwah Dao”, you simply fill in the form that is linked under the drop down menu “Ways to help” here on the webpage. All of our members also get the opportunity to join a closed Facebook group that will share ideas, photos and inspiration on ways to raise money, and regular updates about Kwah Dao.

It’s so exciting to start up and be a part of this new project! We can’t wait for our Friends to join us on this journey, and help us to secure the future of Kwah Dao!