Our Community and Our Work

paii-7Over the past ten years Kwah Dao has developed deep relationships with stateless and vulnerable Burmese Shan families in northern Thailand. These communities have devastating stories of persecution and violence in both Myanmar and Thailand, having migrated in search of protection and the opportunity of a more stable life. Unfortunately, as noncitizens, many of our students are faced with the denial of their fundamental human rights, limited economic opportunity and a bleak vision of their future. To learn more about the stateless Shan communities in Thailand and read their inspirational stories of overcoming immense challenges, click here.

pailove-27As an organization,we strive to respond to the changing needs of the stateless and vulnerable Burmese Shan, which are constantly evolving due to the political changes throughout Myanmar and Thailand. Specifically, we work to provide positive educational opportunities to help Shan youth develop the skills and resiliency strategies to improve their current and future situations.