8721880837_59b4cf94aa_zKur is currently 20 years old and is one of the original BRP students—one of the ones who has worked with BRP staff for over 12 years. Over ten years ago, with the help of the BRP workers, he was allowed entry into a local primary school. Upon completion, he went on to study at high school with the dream of being the first in his family to graduate. In Grade 9, however, he and his steady girlfriend became pregnant. He was subsequently thrown out of school halfway through the school year. Following the birth of his child, Kur enrolled in evening classes and completed Grade 9.

Many of the young men in the BRP communities are forced to drop out of school to find menial work and support their families. Kur, however, was determined to create a better future for himself and his family. He applied to schools in Chiang Mai, the nearest city, and was accepted into the Asia Technology College to study electronics. However, he and his family are unable to cover all the costs. With the potential of a better future within reach, Kur approached the BRP and asked for our help. The BRP staff vetted his action plan, and we can vouch for his maturity, sense of responsibility, and the careful planning he has put into his proposal. We agreed to pay his school fees and give him a small amount each month towards living costs. His family has committed to contributing the rest of the necessary funds. His wife takes care of his son, who is now 2 years old.

After completing this academic year in March, he will have 2 more years of study. He is hoping to stay and work in Chiang Mai after graduation to gain some experience, after which he plans to return to his community, start his own business in the area and, as the only educated member of his family, provide for them.

UPDATE – In August 2013 Kur tragically lost his life in a road accident. Kwah Dao mourns the loss of this bright and dedicated young man, and continues to work with his family.