Special Projects

The after-school tutoring program is currently held in each of the villages we work with, which allows us to stay in constant contact with community members and hear about their needs. We make an effort to poll communities on a regular basis to learn more about what they want and need. Over the past few years, special projects have included Educational Workshops for the high school-aged students about topics of their interests, Legal Workshops sponsored by the MAP Foundation based in Chiang Mai, Public Health Initiatives led by graduate students studying global health disseminating medical information and Medical Checkups performed by either interning medical students or coordinated by the Program Director.

Given our connection to prestigious universities throughout the world, we often host interns conducting research for masters’ theses or dissertations who propose special projects. After careful review of the proposals, we approve those we feel fit our context. In the past we have hosted an art therapy workshop, a photo-narrative project and an ongoing creative art exploration program. In the future we look forward to continuing our close work with the communities to provide essential services and, with the input of the community members, we hope to invite more innovative interns and researchers to join our team on the ground to implement special projects and programs.