Pai Pub Fundraiser

A few weeks ago, with a huge amount of help and support from the community in Pai we held a fundraiser which was hosted at Pai Pub. The generosity of Pai’s community enabled Kwah Dao to put together an event which featured live music, a raffle of over 40 donations to give away to ticket buyers and an art gallery featuring  local artists’ original pieces.

Kwah Dao's new art collection for sale

Kwah Dao’s new art collection for sale.

Many of the art pieces are still available to purchase on Kwah Dao’s Etsy Page. There are also reproduction art cards for sale in Pai and online. The generosity of the art community in giving us a tool we can use to perpetually generate revenue has been an amazing gift.

Our art donor Joe help us to sell art cards

One of our art donors Joe helped us to sell art cards.

The raffle featured prizes from Pai Pub, Return to Simple, Art in Chai, Khira, 661, Charn Chai Muay Thai, Fat Cat, Common Grounds, Pai Treehouse, Overhear, Edible Jazz, Siam Used Books, Big’s Little Cafe, Victoy, Sa & Beer Jewelry, I’P Burger, Easy Garden, Alexandria Blythman, PTTM, Noi’s Elephant Camp, Thom’s Elephant Camp, Come Chiang Mai Boutique Hotel, Oasis Pai and a grand prize night’s stay and dinner were donated by Reverie Siam Resort and Silhouette Restaurant and Bar.

Locals and visitors alike participated by buying raffle tickets and loads of wonderful prizes were taken home. All prizes were donated which enabled Kwah Dao to take 100% of the sale of raffle tickets in as revenue.

Millie did a lovely job chatting up our raffle participants during the drawings

Millie chatting up our raffle participants during the drawings.

Our musicians battled through being played over as there was music in the street outside the pub on the night of the fundraiser. A huge thank you goes out to Millie and Tom, Nate Clark and the always wonderful Cassie for sharing your time and energy to support Kwah Dao. It was rocky going by the time that Cassie hit the stage but she sang her heart out for us. The entertainment that our musicians provided was such a wonderful gift.

Cassie makes it look easy to entertain

Cassie makes it look easy to entertain.

We were also given the gift of photography for the event from Nate Clark who pulled double duty that night playing music as well as capturing photographs.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances the event could very well have fallen apart if it weren’t for the enthusiasm and support of Rowan, our host. Rowan and his friends and patrons were essential to the event’s eventual success.

Our host Rowan

Rowan out front of the Pub.


We are so grateful and lifted by the generosity of our friends and family in support of Kwah Dao. Thank you’s aren’t enough, but thank you all the same.

Our After School Program volunteers and teachers

After School Program volunteers and teachers.