Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program supports and mentors Kwah Dao students attending university and vocational schools.

Since we started this program, seven students have graduated university though our support.

We believe that to attend a good future, education is one the deciding factors. Many students lack of the opportunity to pursue higher education because of poverty. Furthermore, most of the youth we work with are Burmese migrants so are not eligible for student loans given their nationality or lack thereof, and without to loans due to legal status, none of these students would be able to complete their education without our support.

To respond to this challenge, Kwah Dao provides scholarship funding and support for these students to attend vocational and higher education.  

In the 2017-2018 year, we are supporting nine students in their studies.

Scholarship Recipients

For the 2017-2018 year our scholarship recipients are Arthit, Charee, Moa, Muang, Nuan, Pai, Suthep, Tawon and Tuayluen. We welcomed two new scholarship students this year, Charee and Suthep.


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