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With the help of our supportive Board of Directors dedicated volunteer and grant-funded interns, we are able to coordinate

DSCN4861Kwah Dao on a small budget with limited overhead costs. Our most expensive program is the Scholarship Program. Scholarships are essential to achieve our mission given that the vulnerable groups we work with are often discriminated against in schools and required to pay significantly more than Thai students. The Banyan Center is our next most expensive program, though receives some additional funding to offset the cost from tuition paying students. We strive to maintain as minimal a budget as possible in order to ensure that each dollar is spent effectively. Due to the specifically designed and contextualized Kwah Dao After-School Curriculum, our tutoring program runs on minimal materials and funds. Our five core full-time staff members – the Executive Director, School Director, Thai Teacher, English Teacher and Housekeeper – are all directly involved in program implementation, taking on multiple responsibilities related to teaching, student guidance, administration and management. As such, our overhead costs are low and all of our expenses are incurred on the ground. With your support, we can make sure that we continue to adapt Kwah Dao to the growing community’s changing needs and empower disenfranchised and stateless youth with education and opportunities for positive youth development.


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Right now six of our eight scholarship students receive sponsorships from individuals abroad. These sponsors receive regular updates from their students about their progress and have had the opportunity to see the students’ English improve and their ambitions grow as they accomplish impressive academic and professional achievements.


We are always looking for interns to join our dedicated team both on the ground in Thailand as well as from abroad working remotely on tasks such as fundraising and website maintenance.

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