Friends of Kwah Dao

This is an opportunity for you to support our cause in a new way – anyone can join the Friends of Kwah Dao network! In order to become a member, you must commit to fundraising a certain amount of money per year for Kwah Dao. How much you can commit to is up to you, but we have a minimum limit of $100.

You can raise the funds any way you want! Gather your friends to a donation coffee morning, throw a fundraising party, have a garage sale, fundraise on social media, or even view it as a personal donation and support us from your own pocket.

Friends of Kwah Dao will also become members of a facebook group where you can download fundraising materials, share fundraising ideas and tips, post photos of your events, ask questions and get regular news about Kwah Dao. You can also make new contacts and plan events together with other friends in our network!

To join our network of friends, please click on the button below. Thank you!

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