Davy Gouriou (Davy) graduated B.A. in Business (Chinese) from Mae Fah Luang University. A close friend of Nuan since the time they were studying higher education together. Davy learned about ethnic groups, stateless, nationality-less, and migrant students from Nuan. Since then he has witnessed how a nonprofit organization like Kwah Dao was able to help many disadvantaged students including Nuan attend universities until they graduated. He knows very well how hard is it for these students to continue their higher education without receiving support from nonprofit organizations. Many of them have to start working after they graduate high school while still having a strong desire to attend higher education. Unlike Thai students, they can try applying for scholarships from Thai government agencies or if they fail they can still apply for student loans. Davy realized that nonprofit organizations play an important role in providing educational opportunities so in 2022, he decided to join Kwah Dao hoping to be part of it in creating more educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.