Jarudech Pechpoom (Ek) is one of the ethnic students who benefited from one of the core programs of Kwah Dao, the scholarship program during his 3rd year and final year. He graduated B.A. in law from Ramkhanhaeng University in 2021 and joined Kwah Dao In Jan 2022 as an executive director and legal advisor. He has a strong desire to see Kwah Dao continue its work helping vulnerable target groups as long as possible so he takes it very seriously running the organization.

In late June 2023, Ek officially completed his lawyer training, and internship, and became a licensed lawyer. After becoming a lawyer, he has planned to provide legal training and assistance to one more target group, migrant families. The legal training mentioned earlier will cover several important laws such as human rights law, registration and nationality laws, labor law, family law, juvenile law, tort law, criminal law, and so on.