Kwah Dao is Moving!

After 22 years in Mae Hee, a small town near Pai in Mae Hong Son province, Kwah Dao is planning to move to Chiang Mai. When our organization started, we provided schooling, vaccinations, and clean water to stateless children. Over the two following decades, we increasingly focused on providing scholarships for college. In fact, our organization is run by two of our own graduates, Ek and Nuan. Ek studied law at one of the nation’s top law schools. Nuan studied business Chinese at a top university. Together, they are working hard to identify stateless children who are single or double orphans (or who come from a challenging home environment).

The candidates for scholarships must not only come from challenging environments but must also prove to have the dedication to learning needed to get into a top university in Thailand. Our mission is not only to build human capital among stateless people, it is to make a meaningful change for stateless people in Southeast Asia. Because our resources are limited, we focus only on children and adolescents who just need mentorship and funding to realize their full potential.

To realize this mission, we need to expand our reach to a broader swath of the country, and we need to build a home nearest to where the students are likely to attend college.

To find students with potential, we are partnering with other NGOs, schools, and government organizations alike. We have identified 5 potential candidates for funding in 2023 and 2024. While our focus is small, our dreams are big. We hope that you will join us in the next phase of our organization’s development.