Volunteering vs Voluntourism: Whose life am I really changing?

So you’re passing through Pai on your gap year in South-East-Asia and hear about Kwah Dao. You’ve always wanted to work with children, and volunteering to teach English would be a great idea. Wouldn’t it? Every year thousands of well-intentioned foreigners travel to Thailand to volunteer. A few days of volunteering has become as popular …

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Congratulations Moa! Kwah Dao Student Graduates from University.

Join us, as we congratulate one of our hard-working and brilliant students: Moa, upon her graduation from university. Moa has been a part of the Kwah Dao Organization since it was founded in 2000, where she studied at the Rainbow School. Now, she is graduating from Mae Jo University in Chiang Mai, with a degree …

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The life of a Pai volunteer

kwah dao students having fun

Volunteers at Kwah Dao have the opportunity to experience Pai in a positive and unique way. Pai captures the hearts of many people who visit: but there’s nothing quite like meeting a place, community and culture as a person who is actively trying to empower and contribute to it. There are many things that will …

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