News From March 2018

We’ve been so busy that we forgot to give you our weekly update! Here’s a short summary of the last few weeks:

We have so many people to be grateful to for our end-of term party, and for continuing to help as we prepare for our summer school program, which begins March 27th.

Huge shout out to Tony for teaching the kids all things calzone. Jason Shooster, Kamil, and Baptiste for bringing some awesome party tunes, and Laine Kelly for taking some awesome footage of the day. As always we are forever grateful to all the volunteers who continue to make Kwah Dao great!


We’ve also erected new road side signs that, the lovely, Meg Thomson donated. Theses will make it so much easier for everyone coming to open days to find the youth center. Don’t forget that we’re on google maps too!

Lastly, Due to reduced fundraising possibilities during the low season we are holding our pop-up charity shop once a week this month! Expenses will be higher during our summer school program and we will take any and all the help we can get!

Come check out all the great second-hand clothes available at boom bar every Friday during March from 10:00–16:00, resuming after Summer school in May.
The pop-up-shop can also be found, beginning in May, at the Wednesday Market – behind the police station.