Marasri Thoonkaew

Marasri, also known by her nickname Pii, is a former Kwah Dao scholarship recipient. She completed a business degree at Rajabhat University in May 2017 and returned to Kwah Dao to join our team, she is excelling personally and professionally. Her influence as a role model is already apparent; we have observed children talking to her …

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Bobbie Coleman

Bobbie Coleman, Graduated in 2015 with a double major in Business Administration Marketing and Human Resource Management. She has a specific interest in socially responsible and sustainable business. She began working at Kwah Dao in 2016 as a volunteer. She quickly fell in love with the community and the mission of the organization. Presently, Kwah Dao is …

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Elin Bjurulf

Elin Bjurulf began working at Kwah Dao during the fall of 2016 as one of the volunteers teaching English at the Youth Center. After living in Pai for a year, Elin decided that she wanted to make a contribution to the local community in Pai, as well as finding a cause that would give her …

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Nutthawt Sakundeemahashap

Nutthawt,  also known as Champ, began with Kwah Dao in 2018. Along with reaching to promote Kwah Dao’s goals, he also teaches primary school full time in Mai Hong Son. We are excited to expand our teaching capabilities to allow for more Thai, science, and math help in the youth center.