Our Youth Center’s current classes

As English is one of the world’s major languages so we set it as one of our most important programs by providing Elementary and Intermediate English classes to our students. In addition, we expect to provide them with more classes such as Advanced English and TOEFL to ensure that they are competitive with others when they are in high school, university, or in the labor market after their graduation. Apart from the English classes mentioned earlier, we also provide a tutoring class for elementary students who are not good at Math, Science, Social Studies, and Thai. With this tutoring class, we believe that our students are well prepared for the middle school’s entrance exam with more possibility for them to be placed in the king class where they will be surrounded by lots of talented students.

Two of our elementary students are doing their English exercises.

We are always aware that there are more students from impoverished families who are looking for educational opportunities like the classes we provide. Unfortunately, under an unstable situation caused by the Covid-19, it’s inevitable for us to keep the number of our students lower to comply with the government’s Covid-19 control measures so we can remain open. Once the situation is completely under control, then we can begin accepting more students as well as adding more necessary classes for them. In the worst-case scenario, the online classes might be our alternative solution so those students are not falling behind.

The students are doing their assignments determinedly.