Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program supports and mentors Kwah Dao students attending university and vocational schools.

Our scholarship recipients are inspiring pillars in the community. These students come from disadvantaged families and would not have the means to pursue higher education without Kwah Dao. In the 2017-2018 year, we are supporting nine students in their studies.

Scholarship Recipients

For the 2017-2018 year our scholarship recipients are Arthit, Charee, Moa, Muang, Nuan, Pai, Suthep, Tawon and Tuayluen. We welcomed two new scholarship students this year, Charee and Suthep.


Kwah Dao has been working with Artit, who is about 22 and has spent the majority of his life in Thailand, for over a decade. Artit had a difficult start in life but since being awarded a KD scholarship he has picked himself up and gone from strength to strength. Artit’s parents split up many …

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Charee, or ‘Not’, is 20 years old. She graduated from high school in 2015. She always wanted to continue her studies after high school, but didn’t think that she would be able to apply for a scholarship. Her plan was to try to work to save enough money to see her through university, however after …

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Muang is 19 years old and has almost completed his first year of university. He is studying a Bachelor of Education in Computing at Rajabhat University Lampang. Muang and his parents come from a small village in Burma. They moved to Thailand in search of a better life when he was five years old. In …

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Pai is 19 years old and in her first year at university studying pre-primary education. Pai’s parents have been in Thailand for about 20 years, so she was born not long after they arrived. Her father works as a day labourer in the construction industry. She says that he is getting older, he’s not in …

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Hom is 16 and has just moved to a vocational school in Chiang Mai to study Tourism and Hotel Management. It is fairly common in Thailand to move into vocational study after Grade 9 and Hom feels that the skills and training she would gain from this course would greatly increase her chances of finding …

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Tawon is 21 years old and studying for a bilingual degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics at Chiang Mai University. His older sister, Jab, is also a Kwah Dao scholarship student. Tawon’s family, one of the poorest that Kwah Dao works with, moved to Thailand before he was born. They have never been back …

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Tuayluen is 20 years old and about to complete her first year at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. She is studying for a Bachelor of Education (Thai). She was born in Thailand and has lived all her life in a bamboo hut in the Rock Village, one of the communities which Kwah Dao has worked with …

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Former Scholarship Recipients


Jab is 25 years old and in her final year at Mae Fah Luang University studying Chinese and Business. She was born in Burma and came to Thailand when she was just a few years old. Kwah Dao has been working with Jab for many years. Her family is incredibly poor which has made a …

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Marasri completed her degree from Rajabhat University in May 2016. She joined Kwah Dao as our new Program Assistant. She gave half of her first month’s salary to her parents, delighted that she is now able to help them after they supported her for so many years. Marasri’s parents are from a small village in …

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Moa is 23 years old and just graduated university. She has been part of Kwah Dao since it was founded in 2000 when she attended the Rainbow School. Moa’s parents are from Baan-Haad village in the Lankur District of Shan State. The first time they came to Thailand Moa was 2 years old. They walked …

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Suk is 26 years old. He completed his final year at Rajabhat University in Mae Hong Son, graduating in Business and Computing. Suk’s parents moved to Thailand 24 years ago to escape the civil war in Burma. He has a younger sister, Duangjai, who is at college in Mae Hong Son. His cousin, Somsak, currently …

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